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Sudoku Books

Master Sudoku

Author: Carol Vorderman

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Sudoku:   200 Sudoku puzzles
Associated: Countdown
ISBN:   0307339807
Publisher:   Three Rivers Press
Published:   13th September 2005


Whether youíre one of the millions of people already obsessed with the number puzzles called Sudoku (a Japanese logic game thatís like a combination of a crossword puzzle and a Rubikís Cube) or youíre just being introduced to this addicting game, Master Sudoku has a puzzle for you. Here, the UKís leading Sudoku expert, Carol Vorderman, offers 200 puzzles for Sudokuists at every level, ranging from easy to super difficult, with clear instructions and crucial secrets that will help you finish puzzles in record time. The faster you are, the higher your score! Engrossing, challenging, and totally addictive, Master Sudoku is chock-full of fun.

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